Justina's Books

This page is here to tell you a little bit about my books.  If you are interested and would like to buy one please look on the right sidebar and click through to my Amazon shop.  I will also be posting blog entries about my books individually.  Feel free to join in discussions if you have read them.

Silver Screen : genre - near future hard SF : Psychologist to a self-evolving AI, Anjuli O'Connell has to figure out what happened to her best friend - did he upload himself into a new kind of e-space or was he murdered by those seeking to prevent the recognition of AI lifeforms as equal to humanity?

Mappa Mundi : genre - near future hard SF : Troubled FBI agent Jude and bipolar English scientist Natalie find themselves in a race against time to try to prevent the seizure of a once-and-for-all mind control technology transmitted as self-replicating nanoware on the back of the common cold virus.  

Natural History : genre - far future hard SF : The Forged are humanity's bid to colonise the stars. Created to have human avatars and human psychologies their bodies range from starships to planetary terraforming factories. When Voyager Isol, a cosmic explorer, collides with an alien artefact and begins a pinaful transformation from human to more than human was it an accident or was she the victim of a stealthy hunting party? Professor Zephyr Duquesne, human as they come, has to find out the truth.

Living Next Door To The God Of Love : genre - far future SF, romance : teen runaway meets the man of her dreams in a future where fantasies are real but it's as easy to meet your nightmares as your fancies. My big book about love and identity; the good, the bad and the self-deceiving.

Quantum Gravity (series of 5 titles) : genre - far future SF/F/romance : Lila Black is an average, hardworking secretary with a hardworking future ahead of her until she is duped into spying against a parallel world. Remade into a machine, her duty and body are bound to the service of the state but her dealings with the elves, the demons and the faeries have only just begun and none of them are willing to give her an easy ride.

Heliotrope : genre - SF : a collection of my best short fiction.